The Big Film Photowalk - one week to go

By Paul McKay

It is one week to go until the Big Film Photowalk across the UK on Saturday 29th June!

800 film shooters at 40 events - all at the same time - meeting to take photos, chat, share tips and tricks, and help spread the film love.

And with the date fast approaching we have two exciting updates for you:

1. the top secret third partner for the BFP (alongside us and Kodak) can now be revealed as PENTAX, in celebration of their recently launched Pentax 17 film camera 📸

Pentax 17 Prize for The Big Film Photowalk


2. our friends at CameraRescue - who are also behind our partnership with KameraStore regarding vintage cameras - are contributing a Yashica ME1 and a 5-pack of Santa Color as a raffle prize for walk attendees

yashica me 1


What does this mean?

It means that you now have the chance to win two film cameras as part of the Big Film Photowalk activity!

The Yashica ME 1 and Santa Color will be a combined raffle prize, randomly selected from all of the photowalk ticket-holders on Monday 24th June (check out our Instagram for the announcement) and dispatched in time to use on the walk itself 🎁

And PENTAX are contributing a brand new Pentax 17 film camera into the prize bundle for the winner of the photo competition from the day! 🏆


Pentax 17 film camera


Key details for attendees

A reminder of what your day is going to look like:

  • Meet at the starting point of the walk, and at the agreed time - all details here
  • Make sure you've brought snacks, water, appropriate footwear, an empty 35mm film camera and spare batteries if your camera needs them
  • Your photowalk leader will give you a free roll of Kodak Gold 35mm to load into your camera for the walk
  • Enjoy the walk! Chat to your fellow attendees, share tips and tricks, and have a wonderful time. Please pay attention to any health and safety guidance from your photowalk leader as needed
  • At the end of the photowalk make sure you've finished your roll of Kodak Gold film*
  • Place an order for FREE development and scanning on your phone - making sure you've selected C-41, Standard Scans, Correct and Rotate package. Decide whether you want your negatives sent back to your home address (small postal charge) or not.
  • Give the roll of Gold to your photowalk leader, who will collect them all and send them to our lab for processing
  • Receive your scans within the following week (exact timings depend on the volumes the lab gets over the weekend)

After you're received your scans from the day then you'll have the opportunity to submit your best photos into a Photowalk-specific competition to WIN a Pentax 17 camera and a lot of Kodak film goodies! Details on how to enter will be released after the walk.

Because it's Kodak Gold you can also (separately) enter our Summer Competition - but of course no obligation on either 😊


*If for whatever reason you're unable to finish your roll of film on the day then make sure you've collected the discount code from the Leader before you leave - it will be valid until Sunday night - you will still be able to enter the competition but not that turnaround might take a bit longer as it'll have to be managed separately.

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  • Hello team! I am so looking forward to do he walk in Brighton! I just wanted to leave a thank you note for organising such a big event and bringing the community together! You are doing an amazing job!


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