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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bruce C. (Lewisham, GB)
In love with it

The Pentax 17 is everything I hoped it would be, small, light, my new everyday carry

Tom W. (High Wycombe, GB)
One Half Frame Camera to Rule Them All

I love half frame cameras, I have a lot of them and have owned even more. When the camera launch happened a few weeks ago I was impressed, but put off initially by the price... but it kept going in the back of my mind. I kept looking at it and reading about it. it kept haunting me..and here is why:

My favourite half frame camera was the Olympus Pen EES-2 - this is basically an Olympus Trip, but half frame. I love the freedom its zone focusing and light-meter gives, but it died and i cant find a replacement. At the heart of the Pentax17 design, this is what it is, but there is more. They took the wider lens of the Pen W and put that in...then they added the flash of the Pen EF...The Pentax 17 is love child of modern engeeerings and pentax design elements, combined with the best aspects of 3 of the greatest half frame cameras of their day.

Now the price... You can't compare this camera against the cost of any other half frame cameras for several reasons...

1. 50s-60s optics cheaper optics do not compare fairly with the sharpness of this modern pentax lens.
2. The technology involved in the Pentax is basically science fiction to the older Pen models - even that shutter on the Pen FT (and they were the best half frames of their time)
3. The last time Pentax made film cameras was over 20 years ago.

can we compare it to cheaper half frames made today? No!

The Kodak Ektar H35 is great fun, but it is a fixed focus, fixed aperture, fixed shutter speed camera. It is £50...If you go back to the 90s when camera like that were common it would be about £30. If we did the same with the Pentax, a camera as advanced as this would be something like the Contax T2, and would cost around £300, when you put inflation on that, and everything I've already said, the £500 becomes a very understandable price.

If you want alternatives in the same price range, have a look at the ALFIE TYCH+, a very fun camera but optically no where near the pentax, if you want older, look for an Olympus Pen FT which is a half frame SLR, but the light-meter in these is odd to say the least - one with a 38mm lens and then getting it serviced would see you at around £300, a great camera, but again optically it will not compare to the Pentax.

S. (Council Bluffs, US)

Such a amazing camera, have loved shooting with it so much!!!

Ian F. (Fulham, GB)
First Impressions

So this is a return to film from a mainstream camera manufacturer, the first new film camera for many years.
I’m writing this while shooting my first roll of Kodak Gold 200 in the camera, so no results to see yet.
The camera feels great to use and handle, sturdy construction, the film loading is nice an easy, just lay the leader up to the red marker and close the back and wind on. The viewfinder is lovely and bright and clear and has a similar system to the Pentax MX where the focus setting, on the lens, is reflected in the VF.
Once you learn the flashing LEDs, they really help you not make simple mistakes.
I often leave it on by accident, not sure why.
It would have been nice if Pentax, included or offered a soft case for the camera.
Shooting modes are easy to understand, I use P with no flash, or the “ Bokeh” mode for short DOF. The shutter and focus are so quiet it makes a great street photography tool. All in all a great new camera, hopefully a full frame version will follow.

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