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Película Rera Pan 127 B/N ISO 400

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¡La versión de mayor velocidad del muy popular Rera Pan 100! Esta film es para cámaras de film vintage que usan formato de tamaño 127, por lo que le permitirá usar cámaras tan increíbles como Kodak Brownie Bullet, Yashica 44, Baby Pearl, Parvola, Minolta Miniflex, Baby Rollei y Komaflex. Tiene una rica gama tonal, excelente nitidez y es adecuada para una variedad de situaciones de iluminación.

IMPORTANTE: cuando revele la film, recuerde pedirle al laboratorio que le devuelva el carrete para usarlo como carrete de recogida para su próximo rollo.



Formato: 127
Color: B & amp; W
Tipo: Negativo
YO ASI: 400
Exposiciones: 8/16
Tamaño del paquete: 1


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Donde enviamos

Cuando nos compre la film de su cámara, podemos enviarla a todo el Reino Unido, Europa, EE. UU., Nueva Zelanda, Australia y Canadá, ¡más países planeados pronto! ¡Compre su Rera Pan Film 127 B & amp; W ISO 400 hoy y sumérjase en la diversión de la fotografía de 127 film !y!

Customer Reviews

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Perfect for: Great All-Rounder
Sharing with the Film Community: Yes

This is currently waiting to be loaded into my 1914 kodak vest pocket camera, so cant really say much at the moment. I can say the packaging is good. Secure. Will review properly once I have it loaded into camera and developed

Perfect for: Landscapes, Street Photography, Creative/Abstract
127 Rera Pan 400 B&W

It’s the first time I’ve used this particular film as I wanted to try a Kodak Vest Pocket. The film was fine and did a great job. The film is tightly wound because of the very small spool and loading into a spiral was a little more difficult than usual because it wanted to remain in that shape but no a real problem! The image with this review was scanned and finished with Snapseed.

Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Portraits, Landscapes, Architecture
I got the results that I expected

Used in my 1955 Bilora Bella that I'd rediscovered during a lockdown clearout. I hadn't used the camera since the 60s so was not expecting great results, I was however pleasantly surprised! Cloud detail on a bright day was very good and a couple of shots of our cats in the garden were nicely detailed. I don't think that lowlight would suit this film although the settings on the camera are rather rudimentary so I may be doing it a disservice. I shall certainly use it again.

Perfect for: Landscapes
Loves a lot of light

I bought this film for my husband to use with a 127 camera he got for his birthday. This is what he had to say about it:
"A nice film for landscapes. I've only shot the one roll so can't speak for other types of photography. This film really likes well lit scenes and can produce some nice contrast. Underexposed shots lose a lot of shadow detail."

Perfect for: Beginners, Street Photography
Rera Pan 127

This was my first go with 127 film, so I don't have anything to compare against. I did experience the white dots that I've read about in other reviews, but I quite like the look of it. I feel it adds a texture to the photo. I found the film shot better in stronger daylight rather than in cloud. I had focusing issues with my camera (Vest Pocket Kodak) which hadn't been used in decades so I can't comment on sharpness of images but overall I like this film and will get it again.