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Private Online Film Developing Workshop

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On this private online workshop you will learn how to use your Home Development Kit and develop your very own black & white film: 35mm or 120 (medium format).

This workshop is suitable for everyone, the beginner, the inexperienced and those who would like a refresher lesson or help correcting a specific problem.

Dan from Bright Rooms will take you through the whole process step by step. Youʼll also learn about the various techniques of film developing, types of chemicals that can be used and the different types of film available and the results they can produce. If you have any questions related to your personal use of film, problems or need advice, just ask!


What we will cover:

Black and white film processing (35mm & 120 films). Types of film available and how they differ. The variety of processing techniques. Good practice when using chemistry and everything you need to know to process your own film confidently.


Workshop schedule:

  • We will start with using the practice film to learn how to load film onto the spool. We will practice plenty of times and only attempt your real film when you comfortable.
  • Mixing chemistry.
  • You’ll learn about loading the tank and tips to make sure its done correctly and theres no risk of exposing your film to light.
  • Once you're ready you’ll go through the whole process of developing a roll of film until its developed and in the wash.


Level of experience:

This is for anyone who would like to learn from scratch or would like a refresher.


What you need to have ready:

  1. You’ll need your Home Developing Kit and all the chemistry required: developer, stop & fix.
  2. A roll of exposed but un-developed black & white 35mm or 120 film.
  3. When your film is developed it will need to wash, so you’ll also need access to water.
  4. Please also choose a tea towel or something similar that you can dedicate to your film developing for cleaning up any drips.
  5. You’ll need a jug of 20°c water for mixing you developer.
  6. A strip of practice film - one you don't mind getting scratched practicing loading the spool! If you don't have one then let Dan know in advance and he will get one in the post before your session.
  7. Your film changing bag.
  8. 2 x Storage bottles - 500ml or 1ltr max ideally. These can be any clean bottles, water / juice etc, as long as they have a secure lid. We’ll be using these to store you mixed stop & fix.
  9. Think about a place to hang you developed film to dry, somewhere with as little dust or circulating air as possible. Maybe the bathroom if possible?
  10. Timer - you can use the one on your phone.


What you need to be aware of:

Please choose a suitable surface to work on. Theres always the possibility of spillage so make sure its a space free of electronics etc where this won’t matter. You may get chemistry on your hands, its no problem but please let Dan know and give your hands a wash. Chemistry is hazardous to health if used in the wrong way.


When will the course take place:

At your convenience!

After you’ve purchased the workshop Analogue Wonderland will alert Dan who will then arrange a mutually-convenient time for the Zoom call with you. Please make sure you have either a phone number or email address attached to your order so he can contact you.

The workshop will last approx 1 - 1.5hrs - and at the end you will have a roll of developed film, as well as all the knowledge and confidence to do it many times more!


Who is Dan Fontanelli?!

Dan Fontanelle | Darkroom Workshops

[Ed - short answer: a legend. But if you want to know why he's the perfect person to teach you home developing then read on!]

Dan Fontanelli is heavily engaged in the continuance of analogue photography and in 2017 he opened Bright Rooms in London to share his passion for analogue photography. Since the opening he has run over 500 workshops teaching everything from film developing through to darkroom printing and alternative techniques. During this time Bright Rooms has become established as a new centre for analogue photography in London and known for its fresh approach, accessibility and commitment to the new analogue culture. At Bright Rooms he also prints for artists, galleries and private dealers of vintage photography.

Dan studied fine art at university and soon found that photography was his medium of choice. Central to his personal work is the manipulation of film and the use of unique analogue techniques resulting in large scale prints that are in several private collections. His work is also the focus of a series of masterclasses to be run in conjunction with Dulwich Picture Galleries first photographic show scheduled for 2020 - Unearthed: Photography's Roots. 


Praise for Dan's teaching:

‘I learnt all I expected and more at Bright Rooms, and had a really enjoyable time doing it. Thorough and patient teaching. Thank you!’ Joe – 10th October 2019

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